Series of expert talks about the technological sandbox - episode 4/4

We invite you to watch the fourth, last episode of the educational cycle about the technological sandbox.

The topic of the interview is: BIK HUB technological sandbox development plans”.

In this episode, we will learn about the future of the BIK HUB technology sandbox, which is not only the source of a huge data streams, technology and a safe test environment, but also provides consulting and business mentoring from the sandbox's strategic partners.

BIK HUB is to be a place of development for startups not only from the fintech industry. The wealth of data categories integrated in the sandbox also opens the possibility of creating an ecosystem for enterprises from various industries: insruchtech, e-commerce, real estate and marketing.

In the chat, we will also get acquainted with the development plans of the BIK Open API Platform, which, as the first BIK HUB initiative, will enter the commercialization phase from the pilot stage, will gradually expand to further agglomerations, and ultimately - to the entire territory of Poland.

This time Izabela Kozakiewicz talks to Paweł Żurek, Director of the Architecture and New Solutions Office, BIK.

Thanks for watching the 4th episode!

All episodes of the BIK HUB technological sandbox cycle are available at: https://www.bikhub.pl/en/news