700 data dimensions in BIK Open API – testing of solutions is ongoing and new partners are joining

The BIK HUB technological sandbox has attracted the interest of entities of various sizes and from various business segments. They want to create innovations in the field of finance and more.

More than a dozen partners who work on data and create and test solutions have now been joined the BIK Open API Platform, which is the first initiative launched in the BIK HUB sanbox.

They benefit from the wealth collection of over 700 data dimensions that are integrated in the BIK Open API Platform, which is a safe and modern cloud environment operated by Microsoft Azure technology.

About the possibility of effective creation of new services and products based on an innovative project in the BIK technological sandbox, explain our experts:

👉 Andrzej Zduńczyk, Director of the Product Development Department

👉 Paweł Żurek, Director of the Application Maintenance and IT Infrastructure Department

We invite you to watch the 🎥 video which was made on the initiative and in the cooperation with Microsoft - the technological partner of BIK HUB.