Deloitte among BIK Open API partners

Deloitte and Biuro Informacji Kredytowej signed an agreement on strategic and content-related cooperation. The aim of the partnership is to support and promote the BIK Open API Platform, as well as advising on further initiatives developed around BIK HUB technological sandbox program. The advisory and business competences of Deloitte experts expand the package of benefits also for entities testing their solutions in the BIK HUB sandbox.

The group of partners and the scope of data integrated in the BIK Open API Platform, the first initiative within the BIK HUB technological sandbox, is expanding. The international consulting company Deloitte, providing consulting services in many sectors and having competences in various industries, as a new partner will strengthen the existing activities around BIK Open API with its experience.

The aim of the cooperation is also to create a development strategy for this initiative, to propose new test areas, and the concept of new BIK products and services.

As part of the agreement, Deloitte will engage itself in business advisory and will also promote BIK Open API both by recruiting participants and supporting the solution testing process.

The BIK Open API platform is a safe and innovative space where over a dozen entities are currently testing or prototyping their solutions, using a wide range of information. The simple access to the BIK Open API with data integrated from many sources, it is possible to create and test solutions based on data from the areas of real estate, finance, consumer research, digital marketing, data science and others gathered at the one point.

The patronage of BIK Open API by Deloitte is also a valuable contribution to the further development of the BIK HUB sandbox program, an opportunity to create innovative services by fintechs, startups and other entities from various sectors of the economy, and as a result, increasing the access of individual clients to various financing methods and improving their quality of life.