• What is the BIK Hub Program?

    BIK HUB is a technological sandbox, made available by BIK to interested parties free of charge, offering a secure test environment. It is an initiative targeted atps and fintechs, which would like to gain access to data from various external sources via single BIK API access point, including selected statistical data of BIK based on location. It offers an option to effectively and securely validate innovative products and services before making them available on the market.

  • What is the objective of the sandbox - the BIK HUB Program?

    The objective of the Sandbox Program is to support entities implementing innovative solutions with the use of modern technologies and establish cooperation between BIK and the interested parties. It is a place for creation of new, innovative models of services targeted at business partners from entirely new segments.

  • Who is the owner of BIK HUB?

    Biuro Informacji Kredytowej S.A. is the owner of the BIK HUB Program and the test environment - the BIK Open API Platform.

  • Who is the BIK HUB Program directed at?

    The program is addressed to all innovative startups and fintechs - entities with their registered offices within the European Economic Area, which apply to participate in the Sandbox Program. The BIK HUB initiative focuses on the needs of entrepreneurs, both those currently in the initial stage of their development, as well as those, which build innovative solutions based on the experiences of previous business activities.

  • What are the benefits of participating in the Program?

    Participation in the BIK HUB Program offers an opportunity to test prototype solutions in a secure environment of the BIK Open API Platform without the need to invest in a separate technical infrastructure. BIK HUB is an opportunity to verify actual needs and the reaction of the market to the designed IT solution. An added value of participating in the BIK Sandbox is also an assessment of the business potential of submitted ideas, as well as consultations with specialists during each stage of testing. The benefit of participating in the Program is also the prospect of potential interest in the developed solution form institutions cooperating with BIK.

  • What level of support could be expected?

    Entities participating in the BIK HUB Program gain an opportunity to verify their innovative solutions in a secure environment of data collected by trusted institutions. Technical support during the course of the tests is ensured, including access and effective functioning of the test environment. Each of the participants will be able to make use of over 20-year experience of BIK experts in creation of solutions, customer survey and analysis of the needs of customers of the financial market.

  • Is participation in the Program free of charge or not?

    Participation in the Program is free of charge, which effectively influences lowering the costs of entering the market and the offered solutions for new entities.

  • How can you participate in the Program?

    Applying for the BIK HUB Program is very simple (read). In order to express your willingness to participate in the Program fill in the Form and send documents and information indicated in Appendix no. 1 to the Terms and Conditions.

  • What are the criteria of eligibility for the Program?

    During the application process we take 6 elements into consideration (read). Eligibility to participate in the Program consist of two stages: stage 1 - formal assessment of the applicant and stage 2 - technical assessment of the applicant. Detailed rules for participation in the Program have been defined in the Terms and Conditions.

  • Is it possible to use consultations before applying?

    Each Participant of the Program will have the opportunity to consult its solutions with the experts of the BIK Group. In case of queries at the application stage, please contact us via the (Form).

  • Can you apply more than once?

    Yes. The BIK HUB Program is an initiative targeted at entities interested in building innovative solutions and open to new experiences. Read on how to participate in the Program

  • What technological requirements have to be met in order to participate?

    The obligation of cooperating entities to ensure security and maintain confidentiality is vital for the BIK HUB Program. Furthermore, each participant undertakes to dispose of necessary technical measures, sufficiently qualified staff and the knowledge and experience enabling them to participate in the Program. Detailed rules for participation in the Program have been defined in the Terms and Conditions.

  • Does BIK HUB ensure funding for the idea/solution?

    Participation in the Program does not ensure funding of the solution. BIK guarantees professional assessment of the business potential of the idea as part of the free of charge participation in the Program. Using the modern and secure IT environment of BIK also offers the prospect of potential interest in the developed solution form institutions cooperating with BIK.

  • Do I get to keep the rights to my idea?

    Intellectual property rights and the Priority right have been defined in the Terms and Conditions

  • What data are available as part of the BIK Open Api Platform?

    The Program allows to test solutions on the basis of geo score services, that is information on scoring of individuals from an indicated location and statistical services on credit use of individuals residing in a given location. Access to public registers, allowing to review and analyze data on entrepreneurs is also ensured. More, read about Products and Services

  • How long can you test the environment?

    The participant of the Program defines the requested period of testing as part of the environment during the application process. It cannot last longer, however, than 3 months. Detailed rules are defined in the Terms and Conditions.

  • What happens after the tests are concluded?

    The participant individually performs an analysis of the results of the conducted tests and verifies whether they are in line with the assumptions. The participant is obliged to submit the final report from the tests conducted on the solution. Detailed rules are defined in the Terms and Conditions

  • How long is the decision-making process on the recruitment to the Program?

    The formal and technical assessment is made within 19 days with the option to extend in particularly complicated cases. Decision on eligibility of a participant for the Program is provided within 7 days from the performance of the assessment.

  • Can I appeal against the decision on dismissal of my application?

    Yes, each applicant has the right to appeal against the decision of the Organizer of the Sandbox. Appeals against the decision can be lodged within 5 business days from the date of receipt of the negative decision.

  • How is the decision on recruitment to the Program transferred?

    Decision on recruitment to the Program is sent by electronic means to the address indicated in the application form.

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